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Give Your Plants A Boost


Last year, I used Boost on my garden, lawn, and fruit trees. It makes a great fertilizer, soil amendment, and mulch. My strawberries were large, sweet, and the best I have ever had. I especially liked it for my fruit trees because it functioned as a slow release fertilizer and a weed barrier which eliminated the need to weed around the trees. I am going to use it again this year. You should try, it! I think you will be as impressed as I have been. 

Mike Webber,

Hamilton, Mt

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Afterburner Boost


Several years ago, we decided to stop putting time, effort and money into a vegetable garden that was not performing to our expectations - with minimal yields and sickly plants.  This past summer, we decided to try again.  We built raised beds and filled them with a 50/50 mixture of topsoil and Afterburner Boost.  The results were phenomenal!  Even though we got a late start in the spring, we still had good yields on everything we planted - green beans, beets, carrots, eggplants, green peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, chard, and a small herb garden.  We also did a small bed of sunflowers and zinnias and started a bed of raspberries.  The soil and Afterburner Boost mixture resulted in good moisture retention.  All of the plants were healthy, with no pest infestations, and we had excellent yields.


The lightness and texture of Afterburner Boost makes it very easy to use.  We were so pleased with the product that we purchased an additional supply in the fall to use as mulch for our perennials and shrubs. 


We will definitely continue to use Afterburner Boost
Kerstin and Art Seifert

Hamilton, MT

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Afterburner Boost in Oregon


Having gardened in Montana, Washington and Oregon, Oregon provides a much greater challenge.  There are so many different bugs, mildew, funguses and weather conditions.


 I live in Washington County, in the northern portion of the Willamette Valley.  The area contains an abundance of clay soil.  We also receive approximately 40 inches of rainfall each year.


I use raised beds to help warm and dry out the soil in early spring.  To amend the soil I use a medley of ingredients, lime, gypsum, and lots of organic matter.  The clay soil requires application of organic matter annually as it is broken down and then washed away by the rainfall during the winter and early spring. 


The type of organic matter mixture is important to ensure the right ph is obtained for the benefit of the flowers and vegetables I am growing. 


In the past, I have faithfully applied my mixture of compost from my own compost bins; however, it provided only a portion of what the gardens needed.  This last year I added Afterburner Boost to my mix of gypsum, lime, and home compost.  With the additional component of Afterburner Boost, last year, my flowers were spectacular and I had a significant increase in production of my tomatoes, peppers, herbs, squash, and tomatillos. 


I had a lot more than I could handle in my normal canning and freezing, so I was able to share the abundance with my friends and neighbors.


Kathy Sylvester,  

Hillsboro Oregon
Shade Garden

Afterburner Boost worked for me.

I started a vegetable garden last year after not having one for several years. We put in a moderate size plot in an area of hard ground that had never been tilled before. We added three yards of Afterburner Boost, worked that in, and were amazed at the results. Over the course of the growing season, we watched the garden take off like my previous one never had. My gardening skills have never been anything to brag about. Last season, we had the best tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers I’ve ever grown, and in such quantity I was giving away bags of produce! I’ll be adding Boost again this season and can’t wait to see how the garden performs.             

Ginny Hoffman,   Corvallis, Mt                 

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